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Soccer and Gym classes for Preschoolers

Turf City, Bukit Timah, Kovan, Kallang, Paya Lebar…its time to warm up!

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Our regular class schedule

VenueDayTimeAge GroupProgramLocation
Kovan Sports CenterFriday16:00-17:003-5 yearsSoccerNorth East
Kovan Sports CenterFriday17:00-18:004-6 yearsSoccerNorth East
Kinex MallSaturday09:00-09:4518-36 monthsGymEast
Kinex MallSaturday09:45-10:303-5 yearsGymEast
Kinex MallSunday09:30-10:153-5 yearsGymEast
Kinex MallSunday10:15-11:0018-36 monthsGymEast
The Cage KallangSaturday10:00-11:003-5 yearsSoccerSouth East
The Cage KallangSaturday10:00-11:004-6 yearsSoccerSouth East
The Cage KallangSaturday11:00-12:0018-36 monthsSoccerSouth East
The Cage KallangSaturday11:00-12:003-5 yearsSoccerSouth East
The Cage KallangSaturday16:00-17:0018-36 monthsSoccerSouth East
The Cage KallangSaturday16:00-17:003-5 yearsSoccerSouth East
The Cage KallangSaturday17:00-18:003-5 yearsSoccerSouth East
The Cage KallangSaturday17:00-18:004-6 yearsSoccerSouth East
Charis Turf Paya LebarSaturday09:00-10:003-5 yearsSoccerEast
Charis Turf Paya LebarSaturday10:00-11:004-6 yearsSoccerEast
Charis Turf Paya LebarSaturday16:00-17:003-5 yearsSoccerEast
Charis Turf Paya LebarSaturday17:00-18:004-6 yearsSoccerEast
Charis Turf Paya LebarSunday09:00-10:003-5 yearsSoccerEast
Charis Turf Paya LebarSunday10:00-11:004-6 yearsSoccerEast
Kovan Sports CenterSunday09:00-10:003-4 yearsSoccerNorth East
Kovan Sports CenterSunday10:00-11:003-5 yearsSoccerNorth East
Kovan Sports CenterSunday10:00-11:004-7 yearsSoccerNorth East
Premier Pitch Turf CitySunday16:00-17:0018-36 monthsSoccerCentral
Premier Pitch Turf CitySunday16:00-17:003-5 yearsSoccerCentral
Premier Pitch Turf CitySunday17:00-18:003-5 yearsSoccerCentral
Premier Pitch Turf CitySunday17:00-18:004-6 yearsSoccerCentral
SkyPark Arena King Albert ParkSaturday09:00-10:0018-36 monthsSoccerCentral
SkyPark Arena King Albert ParkSaturday09:00-10:003-5 yearsSoccerCentral
SkyPark Arena King Albert ParkSaturday10:00-11:003-5 yearsSoccerCentral
SkyPark Arena King Albert ParkSaturday10:00-11:004-6 yearsSoccerCentral


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13 sessions

4 month validity



6 sessions

3 month validity



20 sessions

6 month validity

It’s all about FUN!

Tinytots programs are all about having fun in a learning environment!

Learning Objectives

Building strong foundations

Tinytots classes are suitable for boys and girls and start as early as 18 months with our parent accompanied 18-36 month class.

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Sheltered venues across Singapore

Rain or shine our classes will go ahead as most of our venues are covered!

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Flexible Packages

Our packages give you the flexibility you require to work around your schedule and holiday plans!

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We specialise in fundamental movement skills

Our Programs


Tinytots Soccer is our flagship program and currently has a loyal following of over 2500 happy preschoolers. The program combines a series of activities and drills that use imaginative play, familiar games, visual skills and creative participation to engage children and ensure they get the maximum enjoyment from the world’s most popular sport.

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Tinytots Minisports combines facts from all our programs and aims to introduce preschoolers to fundamentals of soccer, basketball and rugby. The program aims to promote childrens’ interest in physical activities and to build a solid foundation in their fundamental movement skills.

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Tinytots Gym provides toddlers with an environment in which they can develop coordination, axial, postural, flexibility, agility, strength and locomotor skills in a safe and assisted setting and with purpose-built child-appropriate equipment.

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The tennis program for the little ones. Tinytots Tennis is a great way for children to develop their fundamental movement skills and begin to learn some technical skills specific to tennis with tailor made equipment and teaching techniques. Players will work on their hand-eye coordination, throwing, catching, turning to different sides and jumping before moving onto more advanced skills such as side/cross/split stepping, understanding ball trajectory and serving.

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Feedback from parents


From 4 to 6 years old, my son Raphael has learnt and grown under the careful tutelage of the wonderful Tinytots coaches. The hour of fun spent on the pitch with his friends was always the highlight of his week, from warming up to the well-crafted exercises to the always intense game at the end !

Matthieu Avanthey


My son, Lucius always looks forward to his weekly dose of football with Coach Adam. We love the energy that the coaches have with the kids. Lessons are crafted with good sequence, engaging activities and inculcation of values. The environment of learning is light and happy. Finally, the coaches are very sensitive to the feelings of the kids. *thumb up!*

Loke-Yau Mei


My little girl absolutely loves it. Great fun.

Sagnik Banerjee

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